Strada Survey Inc. is a fully insured construction and engineering survey services licensed by the PEO specializing in Geomatics. We have a centralized approach to project control and data management that ensures clients are provided with quality service to meet project schedules.

Project drawings, specifications and digital files are acquired well in advance of project start. The Project Manager and Office Coordinator work closely to schedule the work and review all drawings and specifications. Communications to project consultants are maintained for solving any discrepancies discovered in our drawing review. Digital files are created for field use and office calculations. Field uploads and down loads are reviewed on a daily basis to oversee field quality.

Survey engineering services offered include pre-engineering surveys, CAD services, earthwork calculations, control surveys, road template creation, construction layout services, shop drawing dimensional review, topographic surveys, pre-bid quantities, as-built surveys and monitoring surveys.

General Contractors   Consulting Engineers and Government Bodies
  • Superior construction layout services
  • Multiple crew utilizing central control
  • Topographical / quantity surveys
  • Pre-bid quantity reports
  • As-built surveys and reports for certifications
  • Monitoring surveys and reports
  • Road template creation
  • Produce cut/fill drawings for earthworks
  • Component certification for structures
  • Horizontal & vertical control surveys
  • Verification of existing features for tie-ins
  • Surface and end-area quantity calculations
  • Welding: Arc, Gas, Stick (Mig/Tig)
  • Pre-engineering surveys
  • Drafting services
  • Site Earthwork Balancing Calculations
  • Horizontal & Vertical control surveys
  • Profile/Cross-section drawing creation
  • Driveway Profiles
  • Road template creation
  • Surveying for Design-Build projects
  • Create 'HDS' compatible files
  • Customized software solutions